You are Not Alone with Trichotillomania.

Your Struggle is My Struggle.

Trichotilliomania doesn’t have to take over your life. You can take back your self-confidence. You are not alone.  PullingTHRU  is a community resource for living with trich, to arm you with answers to all your questions found tried and true, backed with real life experience. Everything Trichotillomania, all in one place.

eyebrow microblading

Announcing a Live Event: Microblading for Trichotillomania Will Be Live in ONE Week

The first time I heard about microblading I began researching it endlessly. I checked out so many different artist's...
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trich anxiety

Trich or Treat! How to Overcome Trich Anxiety on Halloween

Halloween is my favorite day of the year. I basically start my Halloween come October 1st.... but it hasn't always...
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5 celebrities with trichotillomania

5 Celebrities with Trichotillomania Proving You’re Not Alone

  Even celebrities have come forward about their struggle with trichotillomania.   Trichotillomania isn't...
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organize and store your fake lashes

5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes

5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes When you wear fake eyelashes most of the time, the cost of hiding...
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trichotillomania makeup tutorial

3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania

  Although there are multiple videos on trichotillomania, there are only few makeup for trichotillomania video...
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5 eyebrow microblading before and after transformations

5 Stunning Eyebrow Microblading Before and After Photos

If you're like me, you've tried to hide the trichotillomania influenced damage done to your eyebrows. I've gone from...
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