12 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Eye Styes from Pulling Out Lashes.


Among the many glorious woes suffered along with

Trichotillomania and pulling out your eyelashes,

getting uncomfortable styes are among the most annoying.

Sometimes it can be from follicular aggravation,

or maybe regrowth in a really awkward stage, but regardless, it’s not only uncomfortable

but it’s also definitely a trigger for more pulling. I just had one recently and I was SO bad.

It was like this little protruding creature that I needed to tend to,

which in turn made me pull the surrounding hairs, (of course).


I tried the tea bag trick. Boom!

1. Tea Bags

2. Coconut Oil

3. Chamomile Oil

4. Tumeric

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

6. Tea Tree Oil

7. Coriander Seeds

8. Salt

9. Aloe Vera

10. Homemade Anti Bacterial Ointmenent 

11. Oil of Oregano

12. Warm Compress Thumbnail for 12 Quick And Safe Ways To Get Rid Of A Stye12 Quick And Safe Ways To Get Rid Of A Stye

Please comment and let me know if you have any to add to the list!!

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