If you’re like me, you’ve tried to hide the trichotillomania influenced damage done to your eyebrows.

I’ve gone from trying not to pull, to being devastated that I pulled, to trying to hide it,

to the point where I have accepted the current state of my lackluster eyebrows and build a brow every day.

Building an eyebrow is, of course, a helpful relief.

It allows the ability to feel confident instead of shameful.


However, you and I both know the limitations with eyebrows that are solely derived from makeup products.

There’s always the fear of waking up and not knowing if you even have

eyebrows left and what if someone sees you!?

Swimming is always a concern,

sweating or exercising is terrifying with the likely possibility

that you will sweat off a brow…and that’s just awkward.


In comes the wonderful art of microblading, particularly microblading eyebrows.

Also referred to as eyebrow feathering and eyebrow feathering, microblading is a technique

done by a trained brow artist that enables eyebrow reconstruction or filling in gaps to the eyebrow.

Basically, to those in the trichotillomania community that pull their eyebrows and have for a long time,

microblading is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.


Little-to-no down time, or weird looking eyebrow phases,

and very little discomfort are all big pro’s for microblading.

The only downside is that creating a realistic eyebrow doesn’t come cheap

and we don’t want cheap looking botched eyebrows.

I know how important it is to my fellow eyebrow pullers the importance

of being as realistic as possible with hiding our little to no brows.


Microblading could give us some of our exercising, swimming,

and time back that we don’t have to spend worrying if our eyebrows look natural or not.


5 Stunning Eyebrow Microblading Before and Afters



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This video, found from @aboutbeauty.a, really shows the art and technique of microblading.


I love this eyebrow before and after by Annika Kakko, @kakkobrows. She really does an amazing job reconstructing a very realistic eyebrow.


I love this microblading before and after because @saras_skonhet does an amazing job accentuating the client’s eyes, using an extremely natural stroke patterns.


@precisionspa_inc does a really great job matching color and texture in this before and after.


Another example of beautiful work done by @precisionspa_inc. For those with trichotillomania, many of us have different pulling patterns which may leave eyebrows looking uneven and unsymmetrical, this photo does a great job illustrating ow microblading eyebrows can seamlessly bring balance back to your eyebrows.


And there you have it. I know many eyebrow pullers are so concerned with permanent damage caused by many years of pulling. Microblading is an amazing option to restore and recreate eyebrows and giving back a significant amount of time lost to recreating eyebrows every day, and maximizing confidence again.





Note: I am not insinuating any of these women pictured in the before and after’s suffer from trichotillomania. I only used these examples to show different aspects of hair loss and the artistic ability that would change so many lives of my fellow trich loves.
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