5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes

When you wear fake eyelashes most of the time, the cost of hiding trichotillomania is an expense that only reminds you of the fact that you have to use false eyelashes to hide trichotillomania!   Fake lashes are reusable. In fact, if you care for your lashes, you can get many wonderful wears out of each set.   However, that fact is only true assuming that you care for your lashes. I’m the worst. When I buy lashes, I continuously convince myself that, this time, I will take care of my lashes. I will store my beautiful new fake eyelashes after each use so I can get multiple wears out of each new pair.   fake eyelashes   Yet, every time. I take them off and put them somewhere so dumb where they are either ruined or one gets lost. Every time! Then, when I am in a rush in the morning and I don’t have a fresh set, I am scrambling around like a lunatic searching the strangest places just to find one set of matching lashes hoping that I can find two in reasonable condition.   So there are two criteria for the perfect eyelash storage: to safely maintain the lashes, and to group them together for easy access.   In fact, this post actually stems from my own need to be better at taking care of the false eyelashes that give me the confidence to go out and be me.

With that, here are 5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes.

(each photo is linked for further reference)

Bead Organizing Box

false eyelash storage beautylish

7 Day Pill Organizers

false eyelash storage the glitter guide

Nail Kit Box

false eyelash storage

Tackle Box

false eyelash storage tackle box

A Fancy Eyelash Storage Unit

false eyelash storage amazon       Who has more ideas to add to the list of good ways to store and organize fake lashes? Comment below 🙂

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