6 Habit Tracking Apps to Discourage Habitual Pulling

Trichotillomania is hard to categorize. In some ways it’s habitual, at least it is for me in certain situations, but in other ways it’s clearly neurologically or physiological based. There is a great deal of talk around being Pull Free. Many forums are dedicated to this talk around being pull free, buddy systems established for accountability, and everyone has a different system that works best for them. Many trich sufferers have a great deal of success with keeping track of Pull Free success with Apps, which I think is an awesome use of technology. But there are quite a few habit apps. 

Here are 6 Habit Tracking Apps that you could use to help you keep pull free.

  1. Quit That! Track How Long Since You Stopped. Quit That! Is a really cool habit tracker that will encourage you not to pull and also show you how many days/minutes since you last pulled. This definitely could be awesome for some lash or brow pullers, or it might just as definitely not work for others. It’s really going to depend on how you are triggered and what keeps you focused on motivation.
  2. Way of Life- The Ultimate Habit Maker and Breaker. This habit app is really quick and simple to use and it has the most positive reviews hands down. The all time review count is at 2,872 FIVE star reviews, and 134 of the current most recent updated version.
  3. Productive- Habit Tracker- Daily Routine and Reminders.   A very robust habit tracking tool. Also offers a gamut of productivity features for an extra oomph. People seem to really love this app, with almost 2000 total reviews, ALL five stars! This version has 408 five star reviews.
  4. Momentum Habit Tracker. Specifically designed for the ios systems. This app for habit tracking is minimalistic. It is simple in both design and interface. It syncs with your calendar. Personally, it’s not my bag (I need something a little bit more aesthetic to really encourage me to use, but this is very simple and for some people simple trumps aesthetics)
  5. Habit Streaks: Create Good Habits, Break Bad Ones.  This habit tracking app is simple, but it uses a very visual tracking system. A calendar shows gold stars where you were good and didn’t pull, and a good streak of gold stars unlocks a different theme which is also aesthetic and gratifying. Nice little app for positive reinforcement.

Habster – Habit Tracker and Daily Goal Reminders.  Not only is the little Habster logo adorable, but this habit app has so many tools for both habit tracking and productivity. It shows an interactive calendar, easy to identify visual habit streaks, and provides interesting productivity and habit statistics.


So, tell me. Have you tried a habit tracking app? Comment below, I want to know! (ew that rhymed, I didn’t plan that).

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