The first time I heard about microblading I began researching it endlessly. I checked out so many different artist’s work, and watched them grow. I prayed and hoped that maybe, fingers crossed, one day I would be able to have my eyebrows microbladed, and when that day would come I would already be familiar with the work of those in my general vacinity.


Since becoming more and more open about trichotillomania over the years, I’ve pulled back the veil, especially with my mom. It’s almost dumbfounding to think how much time I spent trying to hide my trichotillomania from her! It’s so much easier, just being transparent about it. She was able to understand, and empathize, and I told her about microblading (like two or so years ago) and we started doing more research together. I would show her different microblading before and after pictures, we would compare different artists.

I am so grateful that she is helping me achieve my dream journey, a journey to eyebrows! In one week I will have eyebrows. I do not want this to come off boastful, I want you to be right there with me. I want you to come up with a million questions and I will literally answer them live. So if you have trichotillomania, have very little or no eyebrows, and you have been considering having your eyebrows microbladed…join me NEXT WEDNESDAY! YAY!


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