5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes

5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes

5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes

When you wear fake eyelashes most of the time, the cost of hiding trichotillomania is an expense that only reminds you of the fact that you have to use false eyelashes to hide trichotillomania!   Fake lashes are reusable. In fact, if you care for your lashes, you can get many wonderful wears out of each set.   However, that fact is only true assuming that you care for your lashes. I’m the worst. When I buy lashes, I continuously convince myself that, this time, I will take care of my lashes. I will store my beautiful new fake eyelashes after each use so I can get multiple wears out of each new pair.   fake eyelashes   Yet, every time. I take them off and put them somewhere so dumb where they are either ruined or one gets lost. Every time! Then, when I am in a rush in the morning and I don’t have a fresh set, I am scrambling around like a lunatic searching the strangest places just to find one set of matching lashes hoping that I can find two in reasonable condition.   So there are two criteria for the perfect eyelash storage: to safely maintain the lashes, and to group them together for easy access.   In fact, this post actually stems from my own need to be better at taking care of the false eyelashes that give me the confidence to go out and be me.

With that, here are 5 Ways to Organize and Store Your Fake Lashes.

(each photo is linked for further reference)

Bead Organizing Box

false eyelash storage beautylish

7 Day Pill Organizers

false eyelash storage the glitter guide

Nail Kit Box

false eyelash storage

Tackle Box

false eyelash storage tackle box

A Fancy Eyelash Storage Unit

false eyelash storage amazon       Who has more ideas to add to the list of good ways to store and organize fake lashes? Comment below 🙂

What’s the Best Way To Tell Someone You Have Trichotillomania?

What’s the Best Way To Tell Someone You Have Trichotillomania?

So we go through endless measures

to hide our trichotillomania.

Telling anyone about trichotillomania is especially difficult.

There is no questioning that.

So, what’s the best way,

how do you tell someone you have trichotillomania?


Looking back, I realized more recently I took a different approach

when it came to telling a boyfriend or a good friend or a family

member that I had trichotillomania. What approach is that?

I came out about trichotillomania with CONFIDENCE.


It took me a very long time to come out about trichotillomania

with the confidence that I have been in most recent years.

But doing so really made me realize the more confident I was telling a boyfriend,

a close friend or a family member that I had trichotillomania,

the less they questioned me about it and were way more open

to learning that I had this “trich” thing.


It reminded me about another life lesson I experienced a couple years ago.

At the time, I was selling cars. At this point, I had been selling cars for about 9 months,

and I was still having a bit of trouble in one particular area….I would get so nervous

when it came to presenting my customers with the monthly payment

on the car that they saw and drove.

I was GREAT with people, people really felt comfortable with me,

but when it came to presenting monthly payment figures, I lost them.

I found myself losing out on closing these deals on the spot,

they wanted to go home and think or whatever.


But, I remember, with great distinction, the moment that it all clicked.

I had to exude confidence, because if I was confident presenting the numbers

that the customers asked me to get for them,

they would have confidence in me and would be confident

making the decision to take home their new car.


I remember that very moment,  walking back to my desk, and I remember

sitting down with a confident smile.


Instead of quietly going over the numbers on the piece of paper in a questioning demeanor,

I did so with absolute confidence, making eye contact,

believing in what information I was presenting the customers.


And just like that, it was the confidence that I exuded that made

the customer feel confident enough to make the decision to take that car home.

They heard it in my voice, saw it in my face, felt it in their gut.


Confidence in the presentation.


Similarly, I have been very questioning in the way I would have come out about trich.


It probably might have sounded more like I was asking them if I had it rather

then telling them that I had it. I might have not made eye contact,

I might have said it uncomfortably.

And the person that is on the receiving end of that information

would be just as uneasy based on my own cues!


I have been dating my boyfriend now for a little over a year.

This time around, telling him about trichotillomania was going to be different.

Early on into our seeing each other,  

I told him that I had trichotillomania with nonchalant complete and utter unwavering confidence.

I told him that I had trichotillomania with nonchalant complete and utter unwavering confidence.

What was my boyfriend’s response? Oh cool. And onto the next topic.

He never questioned me, looked at me weird, or asked me

“why don’t you just stop pulling your eyelashes and eyebrows”…

…he accepted what I was telling him because I accept,

with confidence, that trich is just a thing I have,

but it doesn’t take away from any of what makes me awesome.


I own my awesomeness,

and you, too,  can emanate that trichotillomania is just a part of you,

something that makes you unique, gives you an allure, you are special and pragmatic.


Do you think confidence can change the way you might tell someone about having trichotillomania?

Do you know what you’re actually feeling?

Do you know what you’re actually feeling?

What Feelings Are Actually Underneath?

I struggle with Depression and Trichotillomania.

I have for many years. Twenty actually.


It took probably a solid ten years to come to terms with and accept depression and trichotillomania as a part of me, qualities that make me different.


Yes, I suffer sometimes, and feel boundless despair.

Yes, I pull my eyelashes and my eyebrows.

But I am an exceptional being, not in spite of,

But in addition to my adversaries.


Probably ten years ago, I started up with a new therapist.

I had a halting reality viewpoint change when I realized

I did not have to a victim to my brain,

I could make changes to work towards changing my circumstances.

I decided I didn’t want to hurt anymore.

I knew it would be incredibly hard.

But I had a choice. Feel like sad shit, or make a change

and do something about it.


Very early in this process, it became exceedingly clear

I was unaware of my feelings. I did not get it.

I didn’t understand the connection between emotions and what

I was actually feeling. I had sad and mad, and the connection within was lost on me.


No clue. I struggled with this for a fair amount of time, until all the sudden,

I connected my emotions and feelings and what that felt like in what part of my body.


I still get chills to how mindblowing that felt. What a revelation.

Feelings. Emotions. A whole entire spectrum.


Once I learned that whole “feeling feelings” thing,

I became much more aware of pulling my eyelashes and my eyebrows.


I was so blocked off from my own physical and existential self,

it was incredible that I missed all of these complexities.


I realized, that if I grappled with the concept of actually feeling feelings, well, I sure would imagine other people would have that difficulty as well.


In honor of this wonderful month,

Mental Health Awareness of 2016, the wonderful people over

At Mental Health America have put together a worksheet

to specifically identify what is really happening in our minds and bodies.

What is really going on in there? I can assure you.

This is not a delicate process. It may be frustrating.

But unlocking the blocked off disconnected feelings to

emotions is life changing. Take a look over the worksheet.


Grapple with it. At least consider the feelings that are listed.

There are so many. I only had two.

Which are your default feelings?


More helpful information can be found on Mental Health America.


How to Do Sleepovers When You Have Trichotillomania

How to Do Sleepovers When You Have Trichotillomania

You have a new beau, and you have been talking and seeing each other

for a substantial amount of time, and the topic of having a sleepover is on the table.

Or, maybe for you a sleepover is on the table much before all of the seeing each other.

Whatever, I don’t judge!

Either way, the idea of a sleepover brings much more anxiety for those who suffer

from trichotillomania versus those who do not suffer from trichotillomania.


What if I wake up and my eyebrows rubbed off onto the pillow?

What if we wake up and he seems me with no eyebrows?

How can I make my eyebrows smear proof?


These are not questions that a non-trichotillomania enduring person asks themselves.

But for you and I, we share these concerns.

I wish I had a super elixir that would make these anxieties disappear,

because these milestones should be blissful, not angst driving.

A  new beau?? That should be the fun stuff, not the scary stuff.


Here is how to have a sleepover with trichotillomania

and not worry about not having eyebrows (or having little eyebrows):


For a full eyebrow for trich tutorial, check out How to Build Perfect Eyebrows from Scratch.


Step 1. Use products that work well with your skin type for a better chance at long wearing lasting power.

Yes, it takes some trial and error, I use MAC Luxebrow Eyebrow Pencil and

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Dipbrow Pomade – Dark Brown.



Step 2. Use a choice translucent setting powder.

Because, setting powder does what it says, sets. It really makes a huge difference

keeping makeup where it should be, and dulls out fake-looking heavy-handed pencil strokes. That’s a double win.

I’m loving on It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Micro, Finishing Powder 0.23 oz.

(click for my referral link to Amazon).
By the way, this product really is amazing at minimizing pores.


Step 3. Keep a touch-up product around.

Yes, it’s annoying. But you will have MUCH less anxiety if you have a safety touch up close by,

or when you get up in the middle of the night to check if you still have eyebrows. Yes, I have totally done this before.

On more than one occasion.I usually opt to keep my MAC Veluxe close by because it’s superb in a pinch.


No, it’s not a perfect system, but it is coping with trichotillomania. Having fun should be fun. Get out there and enjoy that slumber party!

And, when you are ready, check out this post on How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania.

Hit me with some feedback in the comments below,


12 Ways to Remove a Stye from Trichotillomania

12 Ways to Remove a Stye from Trichotillomania

12 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Eye Styes from Pulling Out Lashes.


Among the many glorious woes suffered along with

Trichotillomania and pulling out your eyelashes,

getting uncomfortable styes are among the most annoying.

Sometimes it can be from follicular aggravation,

or maybe regrowth in a really awkward stage, but regardless, it’s not only uncomfortable

but it’s also definitely a trigger for more pulling. I just had one recently and I was SO bad.

It was like this little protruding creature that I needed to tend to,

which in turn made me pull the surrounding hairs, (of course).


I tried the tea bag trick. Boom!

1. Tea Bags

2. Coconut Oil

3. Chamomile Oil

4. Tumeric

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

6. Tea Tree Oil

7. Coriander Seeds

8. Salt

9. Aloe Vera

10. Homemade Anti Bacterial Ointmenent 

11. Oil of Oregano

12. Warm Compress Thumbnail for 12 Quick And Safe Ways To Get Rid Of A Stye12 Quick And Safe Ways To Get Rid Of A Stye

Please comment and let me know if you have any to add to the list!!

3 Worst Eyeliners for Trichotillomania

3 Worst Eyeliners for Trichotillomania

I’ve bought a gazillion eyeliner products to hide my trichotillomania.

Gel liners, liquid liners, and kohl liners to try to hide my bare lashless eyes

and little to no brow situation.


So, I would bet the house that you have run through

your fair share of products, hoping to find “the-one”

to make your lashlessness less noticeable.


Over the years, I would settle on 1 out of the gazillion

products that at the time I thought were alright,

until something better came along.


So I am very prepared to report back to you with the FAILS.

not a good look for trichotillomania

The Absolute Worst Eyeliner Products for Trichotillomania


Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner.


I remember when this came out, I was SO excited.

It seemed like this would be the perfect product.

I would be able to get a very fine line to give the

illusion of having a lashline without being overly pronounced….neh.

NOT worth the 7 or 8 bucks and feeling discouraged.


Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner.


NOPE. This stays nowhere.

It does the opposite of stay.

It smudges and gets all messy looking.

To be fair, it’s not like I have lashes,

and maybe this product doesn’t do well just on the skin

…but those factors are pretty important to us aren’t they!




Pretty much any of their eyeliners.

I really tried to give ELF multiple chances,

across multiple of their eyeliners.

Maybe good for some people?

But NOPE. NOT trichotillomania.

When ELF eyeliner isn’t smudging

and transferring onto the other lid,

it’s drying and flaking.

And let’s be honest, we sure as heck

do not need any drying or flaking!

It’s hard to find the right eyeliner when you are trying to mask your sparse or bald lash line, but I assure you, these 3 eyeliner products are NOT the right eyeliner to do the trick.

My Favorite Products to Pull Off Flawless Lashes

My Favorite Products to Pull Off Flawless Lashes


This is a question I get so often.

There are so many products out there,

it is really hard to navigate which is the best

for different stages of lashlessness.


Yes, that is a pretend word but I am declaring it a thing.


Not only is the “right” product difficult to find,

but the most cost-effective way to maintain the daily routine,

and making sure you are always stocked and prepared with lashes and glue.


In the past, (the really not that long ago past),

I was buying my lashes at CVS or Rite Aid approximately every other day.

I did this every other day routine for the better part of the last five or so years


…or more…


So, when I never had money, I realized

I was spending $250 and UP on lashes a month!


I needed a better plan.


So, off to my Amazon account, and did some lash research.

I am pretty tuned in to makeup artists on Insta

so I was familiar with the Red Cherry Brand. (Kim K’s Fav Go To).


Amazon had them for about $23 for a 12 pack!

Compared to what I was paying, I was thrilled to be “budgeting”!


Not only are they far better quality than the lashes

that I had been spending ridiculous money for, they are extremely reusable.


But, as Red Cherry increased in popularity they JACKED up their pricing structure.


So back to Amazon I went, and I found that Christina Lashes

(Affiliate link): 12packs Eyelashes – 43 (Same factory & production line as Red Cherry)

are manufactured from the exact same production as Red Cherry!

Even the lash #’s that indicate the different styles

are the same between these two brands of lashes!


And Christina’s lashes maintained an even less expensive price

for a pack of 12, running at about $18-20.


Admittedly, I am still working at getting into a jive

where I reorder when I am running low on inventory,

because it depends on how good I am at keeping track of the lashes I wear,

care for them, and so on.


But, regardless, they are hands down the best lashes I have ever worn.


Christina Lashes offers an array of different styles ranging

from a very natural looking set of falsies to a very glam set,

and everything between.


Sometimes I even make my own with two different styles for funsies!


So get to it Lindsey, what’s your go-to favorite?


I can’t get enough of Christina Lash 43.

(Affiliate Link): 12packs Eyelashes – 43 (Same factory & production line as Red Cherry)

That style, paired with my favorite and the best lash glue ever,

Revlon Precision Lash Glue,

(Affiliate Link): Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive 0.17 fl oz


Are my favorite products to continuously pull off a flawless lash.


I talk more about the Revlon Precision Lash Glue in my previous How To Apply Lashes with Trichotillomania Tutorial… check that out, and please comment your thoughts!

How To Apply False Lashes with Trichotillomania

How To Apply False Lashes with Trichotillomania

How to Apply False Lashes For Trichotillomania


Did you know that you can use False Lashes For Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is definitely a downer, and most people think because

there is no lash to attach the false lash to, we can’t wear False Lashes For Trichotillomania.

But just because you’re lashless, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a full set like a boss.


Watch how I go from ZERO eyelashes to having lush lashes

with a quick and easy application of false lashes.

I didn’t always know how to do the application.

I used to get so frustrated. But once I got the hang of it I felt so liberated.

I didn’t feel so overly aware of my lashless eyelids,

and my confidence boomed ten fold. And all it took, was just a silly little pair of false lashes.

Read more about how I discovered falsies from this previous post.

Try it, and let me know how it goes in the comments below!


Watch this video tutorial on how to apply a full set of strip lashes from no lashes to full set of lashes!

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania

Living with trichotillomania has many perils

and dreading certain situations.

Sometimes it feels like it’s unbearable to even admit to ourselves,
never mind those close to us.

And ESPECIALLY a significant other.

You may even avoid getting close to anyone just to entirely

avoid having to explain this “weird trichotillomania thing”.

Being more comfortable with yourself exudes confidence.

There is such a big difference in the way your voice projects

with confidence through inner acceptance.


But ultimate and radical acceptance doesn’t come easy when you have trichotillomania.

We seek out mates to date, and we date to ultimately

find the person you want to spend all your days with. Yada yada.


How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania


Consider this:

Love is like a synaptic transmission.

Either a neuron fires, or it doesn’t at all.

Either you are a match, or you’re not a match


Don’t inhibit yourself in any way shape or form

with your significant other, because either they will be like

“OMG that’s so weird, WTF”…and you can slap their face…


They will be like, “Oh okay cool” or “Oh, I do ________ (insert perceived abnormality)”.

And then that will be the end of it.

Confronting the trichotillomania monster

takes so much pressure out of the equation, allowing a more intimate trust.

Either a person is right for you, or they can take a hike.

But don’t ever shame yourself out of being with

someone that will think you’re perfect, regardless of how you think you look naked face.

You are well deserving of someone that will look at you dead in the eye,

when your eyebrow makeup is rubbed off and faded

like there is nothing weird or wrong about it.

Because there isn’t.


Do you have past experiences telling your boyfriend about trich? Or are you in a relationship now, and holding out? Tell me!

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