Announcing a Live Event: Microblading for Trichotillomania Will Be Live in ONE Week

Announcing a Live Event: Microblading for Trichotillomania Will Be Live in ONE Week

The first time I heard about microblading I began researching it endlessly. I checked out so many different artist’s work, and watched them grow. I prayed and hoped that maybe, fingers crossed, one day I would be able to have my eyebrows microbladed, and when that day would come I would already be familiar with the work of those in my general vacinity.


Since becoming more and more open about trichotillomania over the years, I’ve pulled back the veil, especially with my mom. It’s almost dumbfounding to think how much time I spent trying to hide my trichotillomania from her! It’s so much easier, just being transparent about it. She was able to understand, and empathize, and I told her about microblading (like two or so years ago) and we started doing more research together. I would show her different microblading before and after pictures, we would compare different artists.

I am so grateful that she is helping me achieve my dream journey, a journey to eyebrows! In one week I will have eyebrows. I do not want this to come off boastful, I want you to be right there with me. I want you to come up with a million questions and I will literally answer them live. So if you have trichotillomania, have very little or no eyebrows, and you have been considering having your eyebrows microbladed…join me NEXT WEDNESDAY! YAY!


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Trich or Treat! How to Overcome Trich Anxiety on Halloween

Trich or Treat! How to Overcome Trich Anxiety on Halloween

Halloween is my favorite day of the year. I basically start my

Halloween come October 1st…. but it hasn’t always been this way.

The very concept of Halloween used to make me very uneasy.

When you have trichotillomania, holidays like Halloween can be very upsetting.

It’s a day where everyone maximizes focus on the aesthetic, whether ghoulish or not,

emphasis is placed on the ability to accentuate facial features in one way shape or form.


Let me illustrate with a story.

This is a memory of having trichotillomania that was especially bad one particular Halloween.

I was a Junior in College. I lived with 4 girls in an apartment.

I, of course, represented that 1 out of 4 with trichotilomania in this case, literally.

And at this point in my life, I was no where near as confident and carefree

with my trichotillomania as I am now.


Furthermore, I wasn’t a fake eyelash aficionado then.

I was more or less, lashless, trying my best to hide the loss.

And our apartment went BIG for Halloween.

There was usually a University wide event held on campus,

and all the ladies on campus would get decked out.


My roommates and I literally started planning out our

costumes a few months before hand, all a common theme.

And it would always, every time, make me very irritable.

It took me years to realize why I would get so irrationally irritable when this topic came up.


So think about it,

we all had costumes within the similar genre or theme,

we all were to get ready together.

Everyone wanted to maximize their makeup and look

especially done up to the max because heck, it’s Halloween. you can!

But I was the one that was lacking a major part of my face.

I would start pulling more frequently which made my anxiety

worse and worse the closer we got to Halloween festivities.

I DREADED getting ready.


When everyone bought super dramatic mascara

or colored mascara and colored contact lenses, a lump formed in my stomach.

I had very few lashes at this point.

I bought false eyelashes and some lash glue at the drug store,

hoping to make for a better and less demoralizing experience.

I just wanted to look and feel pretty.

It’s Halloween, you can do anything, you can be so glammed up and it’s okay.

You can go over the top.

All I wanted to do was feel pretty. But I felt naked, bald, vulnerable.


I will never forget this image, ever.


Sitting at my desk, I was in a SERIOUS rush, clumsily trying to adhere

these fake lashes to my eyes like they were a foreign object.

Glue in my eye,

makeup streaming down my face

in a black and gold and sticky mess.

I had to start over.

I felt so frustrated, so helpless, so inferior.

At that moment, when I could finally see again,

I caught a glimpse in my mirror of my BEAUTIFUL roomate,

coating her already beautifully blackened and most enviable

lashes with a fresh tube of mascara,

and I felt defeated.


In retrospect, I was probably intolerable most of this night to my roommates.

I was probably snappy and irritable and moody.

And I wish I knew then, what I know now,

so I could have actually ENJOYED that time together,

making memories that are worth keeping, instead of this one that I will never forget.


Because, trichotillomania sucks but it’s more fixable than mending relationships or making memories.


Halloween was a night that I felt deepened the bareness

of my soul via my lashes, deepened an isolation between me and my closest friends.


SO! What should I have done? You ask? 

Well for eff’s sakes, why did I wait until the VERY last minute

to try to apply false lashes to my face for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER???


If I was so angst driven, so long in advance, why did I let it perpetuate???

I could EASILY have acknowledged that, in order to alleviate the defeated inferior feeling,

I could have purchased some trial and error lashes and lash glue,

so I could feel confident and make REAL memories with my closest college friends.


Part of me thinks I perpetuated my angst to punish myself.

But, my loves, please do not make the same mistake.

So what, trichotillomania is a thing, I don’t have lashes.

So I get fake ones.

I don’t have eyebrows but I got REALLY good at creating them.


If you’re like me, and events like this bring you these feelings of angst, inferior, nakedness,

then do yourself the biggest favor ever and just practice putting on those lashes and brows,

so that way, it will be business as usual!!! Make REAL memories, not devastating ones.


Do you trichy baby dolls have memories like this? OR are you uneasy over Halloween? Or other celebratory festivities?




5 Celebrities with Trichotillomania Proving You’re Not Alone

5 Celebrities with Trichotillomania Proving You’re Not Alone


Even celebrities have come forward about

their struggle with trichotillomania.


Trichotillomania isn’t biased.

I am sure there are many, considering an estimated

that 1-2 out of every 50 people have trichotillomania

and I imagine that number is actually way under reported.


I admire the celebrities that despite the constant scrutiny of being in the public eye,

have come forward about their struggle with trich.

We are human. We are people. We just have a thing that some people have.


5 Celebrities that Have Trichotillomania


Olivia Munn

celebrities with trichotillomania

In an interview, Munn stated,

‘It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really annoying.

Every time I run out of the house, I have to stop and pick up a whole set of fake eyelashes.’

This is the most humanizing statement I have read from a celebrity

facing trichotillomania because I can absolutely relate to this.

It shows how normal the tribulations of trichotillomania really are. I do this.

I always need to buy lashes.

I need to really fight myself not to apply them when

I am just running out to the drugstore.

Megan Fox

megan fox trichotillomania

According to, well, the internet,

Meghan Fox was diagnosed with trichotillomania and has been admitted

to the hospital for medical treatment three times.

Note: I don’t think it’s fair to say that those three hospitalizations

were attributed to trich, as I did not find any confirmation.

Colin Farrell

colin farrell trichotillomania

On an interview with Jay Leno, Colin Farrell admits

“I was a hair puller, I used to pull my hair out,”.  

Charlize Theron

charlize theron trichotillomania

Charlize Theron admitted to a diagnosis with Trichotillomania

on an Australian Radio interview in 2012,

which, by the way, I tried relentlessly to find, without avail.

Katy Perry

katie perry trichotillomania

Katy Perry reportedly admitted on an interview

(again, I tried to find this interview but the internet becomes a vortex for ADD)

that she too suffers from trichotillomania and OCD.


In closing,

Having trichotillomania can feel very isolating,

and it tends to make an individual feel so very alone.


But it’s this kind of perspective that, celebs are people,

and people have trichotillomania.

We are not alone, we are a tribe from near

and far with a commonality.

You are not alone.

3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania

3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania


Although there are multiple videos on trichotillomania, there are only few makeup for trichotillomania video tutorials.

The more awareness and acceptance of trichotillomania, the more we feel comfortable putting ourselves out there.

But, we are in this together. I wanted to share my favorite 3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania of the eyebrow and eyelashes.



1. Makeup transformation for people with no eyelashes!


KTclarkemullen, a member of the trichotillomania tribe, braves the bare, and shows her makeup transformation

from beginning to end. I love the way she begins with a bare face, and shows her daily makeup routine,

because it gives perspective to the order of makeup application for people without brows or lashes.

It’s especially interesting to see if other trich suffers apply eye foundation, then eyes and finally lashes, or another order of sequence.


2. Eye Makeup for No Eyelashes (Trichotillomania) | G Beauty



G_beauty_blog is a fantastic beauty blogger that also happens to have trichotillomania.

Her tutorial walks through her eye makeup routine giving insight on how she covers and

hides bald spots from pulling her lashes. For trichotillomania of the lashes, this is a must watch.


3. Trichotillomania Makeup Tutorial (Eyebrows and False Lashes)



Alyssa Coppers pulls her lashes and brows, and she is a beautiful soul. She enforces positivism.

Alyssa gives a detailed eyelash and eyebrow tutorial, touching on the important structure of the eyebrow and how

she makes her eyebrow structure look more natural. Disclaim: She drops F bombs, which I enjoy, but you may not.

You’ve been warned. She does a beautiful job creating a brow. Beautiful and natural.


BONUS: I would be remiss if I didn’t throw a bonus extra trichotillomania makeup tutorial by yours truly!


BONUS Trichotillomania Makeup Tutorial Eyebrow Tutorial for Trichotillomania – Tips for Building the Perfect Eyebrow via PullingTHRU


I want to know what you think! Is there anything about doing makeup for hiding trichotillomania that you can’t quite master? What is it? Comment below <3

5 Stunning Eyebrow Microblading Before and After Photos

5 Stunning Eyebrow Microblading Before and After Photos

If you’re like me, you’ve tried to hide the trichotillomania influenced damage done to your eyebrows.

I’ve gone from trying not to pull, to being devastated that I pulled, to trying to hide it,

to the point where I have accepted the current state of my lackluster eyebrows and build a brow every day.

Building an eyebrow is, of course, a helpful relief.

It allows the ability to feel confident instead of shameful.


However, you and I both know the limitations with eyebrows that are solely derived from makeup products.

There’s always the fear of waking up and not knowing if you even have

eyebrows left and what if someone sees you!?

Swimming is always a concern,

sweating or exercising is terrifying with the likely possibility

that you will sweat off a brow…and that’s just awkward.


In comes the wonderful art of microblading, particularly microblading eyebrows.

Also referred to as eyebrow feathering and eyebrow feathering, microblading is a technique

done by a trained brow artist that enables eyebrow reconstruction or filling in gaps to the eyebrow.

Basically, to those in the trichotillomania community that pull their eyebrows and have for a long time,

microblading is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.


Little-to-no down time, or weird looking eyebrow phases,

and very little discomfort are all big pro’s for microblading.

The only downside is that creating a realistic eyebrow doesn’t come cheap

and we don’t want cheap looking botched eyebrows.

I know how important it is to my fellow eyebrow pullers the importance

of being as realistic as possible with hiding our little to no brows.


Microblading could give us some of our exercising, swimming,

and time back that we don’t have to spend worrying if our eyebrows look natural or not.


5 Stunning Eyebrow Microblading Before and Afters



A post shared by Макияж // Маникюр // Прически💄 (@beauty__tutorialz) on


This video, found from @aboutbeauty.a, really shows the art and technique of microblading.


I love this eyebrow before and after by Annika Kakko, @kakkobrows. She really does an amazing job reconstructing a very realistic eyebrow.


I love this microblading before and after because @saras_skonhet does an amazing job accentuating the client’s eyes, using an extremely natural stroke patterns.


@precisionspa_inc does a really great job matching color and texture in this before and after.


Another example of beautiful work done by @precisionspa_inc. For those with trichotillomania, many of us have different pulling patterns which may leave eyebrows looking uneven and unsymmetrical, this photo does a great job illustrating ow microblading eyebrows can seamlessly bring balance back to your eyebrows.


And there you have it. I know many eyebrow pullers are so concerned with permanent damage caused by many years of pulling. Microblading is an amazing option to restore and recreate eyebrows and giving back a significant amount of time lost to recreating eyebrows every day, and maximizing confidence again.





Note: I am not insinuating any of these women pictured in the before and after’s suffer from trichotillomania. I only used these examples to show different aspects of hair loss and the artistic ability that would change so many lives of my fellow trich loves.
Can It Be Trichy When a Tick Bites?

Can It Be Trichy When a Tick Bites?

Trichy Trichy.


I recently have been diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichia , Bartonella, Babesia, Typhus and Lyme Disease.

I am not writing this to get sympathy, not even a little bit.

I am actually relieved, grateful these diseases were caught and didn’t go on left untreated.



How the hell does someone get 6 tickbourne diseases?

Well, the only reason I had the super expensive test run,

which is not covered by insurance (and the reason MANY people go left untreated)

is because my mom was recently diagnosed with Bartonella,

one of the infections, and it showed evidence that she had it for many many years, pre-me.

With that being said, the probability was high that she would have passed it along to me, her spawn.


So that accounts for one. The most recent of the active infections is within the last two years.

Otherwise, I distinctly remember two ticks. One when I was about 9ish, one when I was about 11.

So some combo of those had a hell of a punch.


Why am I telling you this? 

Honestly, I would feel negligent if I didn’t. Many “psychiatric” symptoms have been

known to manifest out of some of these diseases after prolonged time.

I am not saying that there is a direct correlation between the fact that I have dealt with

depression and trichotillomania since I was about 12ish, but I can’t rule it out at this point.

I feel like it’s worth investigating.


I want to be very clear, I do not think that everyone with depression and or trichotillomania

has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichia , Bartonella, Babesia, Typhus and Lyme Disease.


I also don’t think that everyone or anyone with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichia , Bartonella, Babesia,

Typhus and Lyme Disease has depression and or trichotillomania. I’m not entirely sold that treatment for

these diseases will cure me of depression or trichotillomania, but it will be very interesting to see if

there is any impact on what feels like life long illness. Because, apparently, as I recently discovered, it has been.


I also wanted to write this to explain my radio silence.

Treatment has been HELLA hard.

And I apologize for not being anywhere near as active for you dolls as I want or should be.

But, I’m back. And you’re beautiful.


So my question to all of you: What do you think, could there be a correlation for some?


How to Build Perfect Eyebrows from Scratch

How to Build Perfect Eyebrows from Scratch

If you’ve pulled out your eyebrows, you’ve probably tried learning how to do makeup for trichotillomania

by watching YouTube videos that show someone with amazing eyebrows

just making their eyebrows more perfect. I have.


My question was: Yea, but how the heck do I create eyebrows from scratch with no hairs to begin with?!


We want to hide our lack of eyebrows yet we also want it to look as natural as possible.

It takes a little getting used to, playing around with products, some patience. Watch this video,

and you will be building natural brows from scratch in no time!

Let me show you how to build a perfect, natural looking brow from scratch.

No starter hairs to begin with? No problem!

Step 1. Start out with your preferred eyebrow pencil to sketch out the beginning of the brow, the arch, and the tail of the brow. I am using MAC Veluxe Liner in Deep Brunette. Use your nose and the straight line of the pencil to identify where these 3 points should be.

how to build an eyebrow step 1

Step 2. Start filling in the sketched out area with very light, but deliberate strokes, mimicking fine brow hairs. This step just gives a foundation to work with, connecting the three points from Step 1.

how to build an eyebrow step 2

Step 3 and 4.  Using a downward motion create structure of beginning of the brow at the point closest to the nose and inner eye. Using the same downward motion, create dimension to the arch pointing the pencil diagonal to the second point and use downward motions to enhance the top of the arch and tail point. how to build a brow step 3

Step 5. Go back through and add more dimension with small liner strokes, building on the foundation created in the previous steps so that you have a base looking like this:

how to build a brow step 4.5

Step 6. Bring in more texture and color. Now the brow starts to really come to life. I am using Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown by Anastasia) and Morphe Brush 215, a very small and precise angled brush. Use the small angled brush to darken the bottom of the brow to give an illusion of natural growth and flow, and accentuate the tail of the brow. Our natural brows become much darker toward the tail of the brow.

how to build an eyebrow step 6

build a brow step 6.5

andddd, this takes some refining, so continue to build with small strokes….

build a brow with small movements of the brush

And keep adding texture and mini hand-strokes of the angled brush adding pretend brow hairs until you are satisfied…but don’t overdue it! we want to give the impression that these babies are real!  Also, remember, eyebrows are not twins. They’re related but not identical twins. It’s okay if you can’t get them to be mirrored images of each other!!

how to build eyebrows from scratch

Step 7. Finish off your eyebrow build with a translucent finishing powder to set your brows. This step is so important, I actually find that it adds a little additional texture and reduces any overly harsh hand strokes. Most importantly, finishing off with setting powder ensures staying power. I think we can agree, keeping our brows on our faces is a big plus lol! Here, I am using NYX HD Finishing Powder – Banana HDFP02.

building a natural brow with trichotillomania

Bazinga! Natural brows created from scratch!

I really hope this helps you build an eyebrow. Please, do not hesitate to ask ANY questions! Comment below, and I will answer you right quick !

Six Reasons You Should “Come Out” About Trich Today

Six Reasons You Should “Come Out” About Trich Today

The Six reasons you should come out about trichotillomania today

Why telling loved ones about trichotillomania is a huge relief.


Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t just come forward about pulling my eyelashes,

To my family, loved ones, friends and especially to my mom.


Instead I did everything I could to try to hide my bald eyelids.

I suspect she knew that trichotillomania was a thing,

but obviously there was little information available.

come out about trich


Nevertheless I was insubordinate about coming out about trichotillomania.

Instead of just coming clean, admitting that I pulled my eyelashes,

my mom and I were doing this uneasy dance of suspicion and denial.


I spent so much time working around this deep seated shame,

shame about the condition, shame about the lies,

and shame that this cycle perpetuated.


The Six reasons you should come out about trichotillomania today:


You can be free. Coming out about trichotillomania and being honest seems like the hardest, scariest act but you can take control of that fear.

You stop living in fear. It’s a fear that we created out of shame, but the shame cycle stops when you just come out about trichotillomania.

You bring awareness to the forefront. Many parents and loved ones are so suspicious or worried because they don’t understand. You can empower them with the truth.

You stop hiding. The diverted eyes, the prep that goes into the hiding, the shifty behaviors all stop.

You can ask for help from the people that love you the most. Assign someone to be your trich buddy to keep an eye on where your hands are. It can even help bring awareness to the times you tend to pull when previously you wouldn’t have even realized it.

You find out how understanding and accepting human beings are. This is an amazingly surprising discovery. (relationship link)


Have you come out about trich? Or, do you want to?

Why Do Therapists Suck at Trichotillomania Treatment?

Why Do Therapists Suck at Trichotillomania Treatment?

Why is it so hard to find trichotillomania treatment?


Those who pull their eyelashes and eyebrows

have one general thing in common:


We pull our eyelashes and/or eyebrows.


But I’ve noticed we all pull for different reasons.

Sometimes it’s sensory, like the need to touch and feel.

Or when we experience a great deal of stress or anxiety.

Maybe it’s a cognitive thought process, a thought about pulling one lash

gets into our heads and then it continues.

pull your eyelashes

It could also be an activity that we associate with a certain place

or a time of the day. Or it could be a combination of these things.

Because it seems that we all have different “triggers”,

different trichotillomania treatment may work on one but not another.

And, as you may know, the research is SPARSE! (see what I did there!)


Where understanding your emotions and linking emotions to feelings

and the way it manifests in our body is a massive awakening,

it was not the Secret Fix to cracking the code of my trichotillomania.

To this day, I really cannot isolate a specific emotion or feeling or situation,

and because of that, I rule out emotional triggers.

Personally, I really do not think I have just one.

But I do know that I am very tactile about pulling my eyelashes

and it’s a sensory act.

More often than not, I am unaware it’s even happening,

like when I am reading or watching tv zoning out.


Most recently… I’ve been pulling my eyelashes and eyebrows in my sleep.

But that is another topic for another day.


Why is Finding Trichotillomania Treatment so hard?


I think  a BIG struggle in finding the correct treatment for trichotillomania

is the lack of understanding and the lack of research available.

I did the literary search. There are very few trichotillomania clinical publications.

Thus, many therapists don’t have the information we need.


Or, the therapist will be biased in their specific training,

they are not treating the trichotillomania by what may work for each individual,

and sometimes that has to be a discovery of trial and error.

And then we get discouraged.


But then….there was something that DID WORK for me.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Trichotillomania


Dialectical Behavior Therapy changed my life. In a big way.

But not in the way you think.


I didn’t stop pulling my eyelashes or eyebrows.

I was OKAY that I pulled my eyelashes or eyebrows.

Radical acceptance entirely changed my worldview.


I was not mad at myself anymore when I pulled my eyelashes.

I was not mad at myself anymore when I pulled my eyebrows.

The cycle of self-shame stopped.


Dialectical behavior therapy gave me the awareness to be present, in the moment.

I didn’t allow my thoughts to race about if my eyelashes would grow back,

or “what did I just do”?! Or “how could I just do that to myself”??


It all stopped. It was quiet. The self-shaming became a NON-issue.


Would I like to be “pull-free”?


OF COURSE. Who wouldn’t.


But I know appreciate that it’s important I stay present, in the moment,

with absolute and utter unconditional acceptance with trichotillomania.


I have trichotillomania, and I learned I can be free of the shame.


Are you shaming yourself??

Why Do We Pull?

Why Do We Pull?


Why Do We Pull?

Why do we pull our eyelashes, or eyebrows, or maybe we pull both? (I do)

If you pull your lashes, eyebrows, or hair, I know you have grappled

with the reason behind why you pull your hair.

I’ve seen and heard trichotillomania categorized as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,

Impulse Control Disorder, and Anxiety. So, why do we pull?


I call bullshit.


II do not have anxiety nor do I have OCD.

In fact, my behaviors and tendencies air on the opposite side of either Anxiety or OCD.

I almost wish that was the easy explanation.

I think it is a case by case basis, so why try to categorize without really having the data?

why pull OCD

Sometimes I wonder if people have been placed in these

categories solely because a healthcare professional said

“oh you pull your hair, you have trichotillomania and that’s

an anxiety or that’s an obsessive compulsive disorder”.

I can see how that would happen. Looking for answers,

a doctor putting a name and a category provides an explanation.

why pull anxiety

Me? Nope. I do not have anxiety.

I do not pull when I am anxious, or mad, or sad,

or any other single emotional trigger.

I am the opposite of obsessive or compulsive,

and to be honest, a little of OCD wouldn’t hurt my cause. I am a disorganized mess.


I want to explain right here and now, I understand how UNscientific this rant is.

My background is actually in Clinical Psychology,

and I get that I am using terms like OCD and Anxiety loosely.


But I am doing just that to make a point. I do not have the BAZINGA answer,

but I in my heart of hearts believe there is still much more to

trichotillomania than the researchers have even grappled with thus far.

But my fear is, because they felt a need to classify this disorder,

people that have suffered with trichotillomania began identifying

themselves with anxiety or OCD.


I will also say, that I do not doubt that there are ACTUAL occurrences of Trich

sufferers that DO also have OCD and Anxiety…but not exclusively.


I call bullshit. I know there is more to it.

I know I cannot be alone thinking this.


I want to hear from you.

I want to hear from all of you! Tell me what you believe.

Trichotillomania, The Why.

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