Do eyelashes grow back?

Do eyelashes grow back?

We pull our lashes, and pull our lashes, and become deeply anxious

that our eyelashes won’t grow back.

We lay at night feeling a twisted pit of urgency in our stomach,

hoping praying and willing the regrowth.

do eyelashes grow back

But let’s be honest, it’s probably going to cycle around again.

Pulling. Hoping. Willing.

I don’t say that out of discouragement.

There are people that have been able to break the cycle.

But for those who haven’t yet….the question remains.


Do eyelashes grow back?


I’m only going to touch on my own experience with eyelash regrowth

because that’s all I know firsthand. I like firsthand accounts.

Talking about anyone else’s reported experiences is like playing a game of telephone,

and we all know how that goes.  


I pulled my eyelashes. I willed them to grow. I pulled my eyelashes.

I pulled my eyelashes. do eyelashes grow back


I stayed up at night worrying that they wouldn’t grow. They did. I pulled my eyelashes.


At the time I write this, I have pulled my eyelashes for 20 years. Yes.

My eyelashes grew back.

I will say, that after so so so many cycles through regrowth,

the eyelashes do not regenerate as quickly as they once did.


More recently, over the last few years, the hair has grown back

but the growth seems stunted. Albeit hard to explain, the individual eyelash tendrils

lost their shape and texture, like they are too thick and do not taper off at the tips.


But then all the sudden 8 or 9 months ago,

my eyelashes actually did grow and were perfectly formed.

I found that to be very interesting because after many cycles of having

strange looking regrowth, a very nice looking set filled in!


That is. Until I pulled them. In my sleep.


But! The main point is…


Eyelashes grow back.


Do not lose hope. Our bodies can be so amazingly resilient.

eyelashes grow back

Remove all concern about whether or not they will grow, and demand them to grow.

Demand the resilience!


Have you ever experienced different cycles of weirdly shaped eyelash regrowth??

Comment and let me know!!

3 Worst Eyeliners for Trichotillomania

3 Worst Eyeliners for Trichotillomania

I’ve bought a gazillion eyeliner products to hide my trichotillomania.

Gel liners, liquid liners, and kohl liners to try to hide my bare lashless eyes

and little to no brow situation.


So, I would bet the house that you have run through

your fair share of products, hoping to find “the-one”

to make your lashlessness less noticeable.


Over the years, I would settle on 1 out of the gazillion

products that at the time I thought were alright,

until something better came along.


So I am very prepared to report back to you with the FAILS.

not a good look for trichotillomania

The Absolute Worst Eyeliner Products for Trichotillomania


Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner.


I remember when this came out, I was SO excited.

It seemed like this would be the perfect product.

I would be able to get a very fine line to give the

illusion of having a lashline without being overly pronounced….neh.

NOT worth the 7 or 8 bucks and feeling discouraged.


Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner.


NOPE. This stays nowhere.

It does the opposite of stay.

It smudges and gets all messy looking.

To be fair, it’s not like I have lashes,

and maybe this product doesn’t do well just on the skin

…but those factors are pretty important to us aren’t they!




Pretty much any of their eyeliners.

I really tried to give ELF multiple chances,

across multiple of their eyeliners.

Maybe good for some people?

But NOPE. NOT trichotillomania.

When ELF eyeliner isn’t smudging

and transferring onto the other lid,

it’s drying and flaking.

And let’s be honest, we sure as heck

do not need any drying or flaking!

It’s hard to find the right eyeliner when you are trying to mask your sparse or bald lash line, but I assure you, these 3 eyeliner products are NOT the right eyeliner to do the trick.

Do you pull out your lashes? If yes, you need to read this!

Do you pull out your lashes? If yes, you need to read this!

If You Pull Out Your Lashes,

There few worse things than having a gaping hole in your lashes

…or no lashes whatsoever.

Pulling out all your eyelashes can feel like the lowest low.

You don’t want to go anywhere, see anyone,

avoid eye contact, and are constantly wondering

if everyone can see the sparseness,

and are certain that everyone is talking about your lashless lids.

pull out lashes

In my case, I tried to hide trichotillomania for years.

I tried to hide it from my mom, from my friends,

like it was the biggest most volatile secret.


I recall years like this.

I can specifically recall one particular night in college,

it was the big night out for Halloween.

My roommates and I were getting ready and

I bought lash singles to fill in the sparse areas.

Except, I was down to no lashes to stick the glue to as a base.


Learn How to Apply False Lashes for Trichotillomania

I was miserable.


I looked in my own mirror and behind me,

I caught a glimpse of my roommate with a tube of mascara in hand,

stroking it through her lush lashes. I felt so inferior.

false eyelashes trichotillomania

Then, fast forward a few years,

I was getting ready to go out with my boyfriend at the time,

and I remember finally getting the hang of fake lashes in strip form.


What still really stands out from that night is my then boyfriend telling

me how confident I was, and it clicked.

‘Wait, I can actually feel like a human again’ I remember thinking.


So I continued to apply false lash strips every day.

Is it incredibly annoying to glue on eyelashes every single day?

Is it incredibly counterproductive to saving money?


I mean, yea! BUT I realized I could control something.


I could fix the incomprehensible feeling of shame and inferiority.

With a stupid thing like false lashes.


With persistence and determination of chasing that feeling

of filling the hole in my confidence, by filling my lashes with falsies came acceptance.


I cared so much less about pulling because I had a fix!


The second benefit?

Not pulling because I didn’t want to mess up my falsie application.

Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

…..Or filling lashes with a falsie strip and some glue.


What is your experience with false lashes?

Have you tried the individual lashes, strip lashes, or both?

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