3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania

3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania


Although there are multiple videos on trichotillomania, there are only few makeup for trichotillomania video tutorials.

The more awareness and acceptance of trichotillomania, the more we feel comfortable putting ourselves out there.

But, we are in this together. I wanted to share my favorite 3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania of the eyebrow and eyelashes.



1. Makeup transformation for people with no eyelashes!


KTclarkemullen, a member of the trichotillomania tribe, braves the bare, and shows her makeup transformation

from beginning to end. I love the way she begins with a bare face, and shows her daily makeup routine,

because it gives perspective to the order of makeup application for people without brows or lashes.

It’s especially interesting to see if other trich suffers apply eye foundation, then eyes and finally lashes, or another order of sequence.


2. Eye Makeup for No Eyelashes (Trichotillomania) | G Beauty



G_beauty_blog is a fantastic beauty blogger that also happens to have trichotillomania.

Her tutorial walks through her eye makeup routine giving insight on how she covers and

hides bald spots from pulling her lashes. For trichotillomania of the lashes, this is a must watch.


3. Trichotillomania Makeup Tutorial (Eyebrows and False Lashes)



Alyssa Coppers pulls her lashes and brows, and she is a beautiful soul. She enforces positivism.

Alyssa gives a detailed eyelash and eyebrow tutorial, touching on the important structure of the eyebrow and how

she makes her eyebrow structure look more natural. Disclaim: She drops F bombs, which I enjoy, but you may not.

You’ve been warned. She does a beautiful job creating a brow. Beautiful and natural.


BONUS: I would be remiss if I didn’t throw a bonus extra trichotillomania makeup tutorial by yours truly!


BONUS Trichotillomania Makeup Tutorial Eyebrow Tutorial for Trichotillomania – Tips for Building the Perfect Eyebrow via PullingTHRU


I want to know what you think! Is there anything about doing makeup for hiding trichotillomania that you can’t quite master? What is it? Comment below <3

How to Build Perfect Eyebrows from Scratch

How to Build Perfect Eyebrows from Scratch

If you’ve pulled out your eyebrows, you’ve probably tried learning how to do makeup for trichotillomania

by watching YouTube videos that show someone with amazing eyebrows

just making their eyebrows more perfect. I have.


My question was: Yea, but how the heck do I create eyebrows from scratch with no hairs to begin with?!


We want to hide our lack of eyebrows yet we also want it to look as natural as possible.

It takes a little getting used to, playing around with products, some patience. Watch this video,

and you will be building natural brows from scratch in no time!

Let me show you how to build a perfect, natural looking brow from scratch.

No starter hairs to begin with? No problem!

Step 1. Start out with your preferred eyebrow pencil to sketch out the beginning of the brow, the arch, and the tail of the brow. I am using MAC Veluxe Liner in Deep Brunette. Use your nose and the straight line of the pencil to identify where these 3 points should be.

how to build an eyebrow step 1

Step 2. Start filling in the sketched out area with very light, but deliberate strokes, mimicking fine brow hairs. This step just gives a foundation to work with, connecting the three points from Step 1.

how to build an eyebrow step 2

Step 3 and 4.  Using a downward motion create structure of beginning of the brow at the point closest to the nose and inner eye. Using the same downward motion, create dimension to the arch pointing the pencil diagonal to the second point and use downward motions to enhance the top of the arch and tail point. how to build a brow step 3

Step 5. Go back through and add more dimension with small liner strokes, building on the foundation created in the previous steps so that you have a base looking like this:

how to build a brow step 4.5

Step 6. Bring in more texture and color. Now the brow starts to really come to life. I am using Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown by Anastasia) and Morphe Brush 215, a very small and precise angled brush. Use the small angled brush to darken the bottom of the brow to give an illusion of natural growth and flow, and accentuate the tail of the brow. Our natural brows become much darker toward the tail of the brow.

how to build an eyebrow step 6

build a brow step 6.5

andddd, this takes some refining, so continue to build with small strokes….

build a brow with small movements of the brush

And keep adding texture and mini hand-strokes of the angled brush adding pretend brow hairs until you are satisfied…but don’t overdue it! we want to give the impression that these babies are real!  Also, remember, eyebrows are not twins. They’re related but not identical twins. It’s okay if you can’t get them to be mirrored images of each other!!

how to build eyebrows from scratch

Step 7. Finish off your eyebrow build with a translucent finishing powder to set your brows. This step is so important, I actually find that it adds a little additional texture and reduces any overly harsh hand strokes. Most importantly, finishing off with setting powder ensures staying power. I think we can agree, keeping our brows on our faces is a big plus lol! Here, I am using NYX HD Finishing Powder – Banana HDFP02.

building a natural brow with trichotillomania

Bazinga! Natural brows created from scratch!

I really hope this helps you build an eyebrow. Please, do not hesitate to ask ANY questions! Comment below, and I will answer you right quick !

How to Build an Eyebrow in 7 Simple Steps

How to Build an Eyebrow in 7 Simple Steps

When  it comes to building a brow when you have trichotillomania, practice makes perfect.

Trial and error and lots of lots of practice.

With trichotillomania, many of us have to build an eyebrow without a eyebrow to start with.


Many of the eyebrow tutorials that are out there are hard to relate to

because these women have eyebrows to begin with.


With trichotillomania, we ideally want to achieve a. having eyebrows! (lol, duh) and

b. creating the most realistic eyebrow we can because the

less self-conscious we are about our eyebrows, the better we feel.


How to Build an Eyebrow in 7 Easy Steps

Tools: Morphe M215 Angled Brow Brush

Products: MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in Deep Brunette,

Anastasia DIPBROW Pomade in Medium Brown,

It! Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, or NYX HD Finishing Powder.


To begin, start with clean, dry skin. Dry as in not wet. I am not encouraging flaky dry skin here.


Using brow liner, in this case I am using MAC Veluxe Brow Liner, plot out 3 points.

Place the pencil against your widest point of your nose, and plot the first point

where the pencil meets the brow. Second, using your pupil and your nose for direction,

plot the arch point. Last, use the pencil from the widest point of your nose to plot

out point where the imaginary line would meet the outermost of the eye.

building an eyebrow first step
Connect these three points. Use multiple strokes, mimicking fine hair lines.

The arch and the eyebrow tail should be darkest parts of the brow shape.

Once the bottom of the brow has been connected and defined,

gently and lightly outline the rest of your eyebrow.

building a brow second step

Start filling in the area that you have outlined with the pencil,

using strokes that would mimic natural eyebrow hair shape and growth direction.

Then, using the small angled brush, repeat the same stokes to add a more realistic

depth to the eyebrow build.

building a brow

trichotillomania brow how to

Check your work. Asses.


Now, it’s dipbrow time. I find that using these different textures and different

shades leads to a way more realistic looking eyebrow than back in the day

when I would just draw some weird line where my eyebrow would be.

Take the angled brush gently into the Dipbrow. A little goes a long way,

and it’s totally build-able, so start with a light amount of product on the angled brush.

Make sure to redefine the bottom line of your brow, light to dark,

the darkest part being the tail of the brow. Then, have some fun, draw in some texture..

This takes a little extra practice to get used to the right angle, movement, and placement of the brush.

brow building how to

Cleanup around the shape of the brow with cover up. If you feel you went to heavy on color, spool it out using a small spooly.

eyebrow how to

Then. Majorly important, the last step!

Sweep a setting powder over the brow. It makes it not only look more realistic

for some reason but it also sets it for longevity. I’m pretty obsessed with

It! Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, or you can grab NYX HD Finishing Powder

at more drug stores. It’s a pretty amazing pressed powder.

building a brow before and after

And Boom. A Brow, without having a brow. Now go out and slay the day!

Try building a brow and show me!!! Email me your pics! I would love love love to see!!


How To Apply False Lashes with Trichotillomania

How To Apply False Lashes with Trichotillomania

How to Apply False Lashes For Trichotillomania


Did you know that you can use False Lashes For Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is definitely a downer, and most people think because

there is no lash to attach the false lash to, we can’t wear False Lashes For Trichotillomania.

But just because you’re lashless, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a full set like a boss.


Watch how I go from ZERO eyelashes to having lush lashes

with a quick and easy application of false lashes.

I didn’t always know how to do the application.

I used to get so frustrated. But once I got the hang of it I felt so liberated.

I didn’t feel so overly aware of my lashless eyelids,

and my confidence boomed ten fold. And all it took, was just a silly little pair of false lashes.

Read more about how I discovered falsies from this previous post.

Try it, and let me know how it goes in the comments below!


Watch this video tutorial on how to apply a full set of strip lashes from no lashes to full set of lashes!

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