The Six reasons you should come out about trichotillomania today

Why telling loved ones about trichotillomania is a huge relief.


Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t just come forward about pulling my eyelashes,

To my family, loved ones, friends and especially to my mom.


Instead I did everything I could to try to hide my bald eyelids.

I suspect she knew that trichotillomania was a thing,

but obviously there was little information available.

come out about trich


Nevertheless I was insubordinate about coming out about trichotillomania.

Instead of just coming clean, admitting that I pulled my eyelashes,

my mom and I were doing this uneasy dance of suspicion and denial.


I spent so much time working around this deep seated shame,

shame about the condition, shame about the lies,

and shame that this cycle perpetuated.


The Six reasons you should come out about trichotillomania today:


You can be free. Coming out about trichotillomania and being honest seems like the hardest, scariest act but you can take control of that fear.

You stop living in fear. It’s a fear that we created out of shame, but the shame cycle stops when you just come out about trichotillomania.

You bring awareness to the forefront. Many parents and loved ones are so suspicious or worried because they don’t understand. You can empower them with the truth.

You stop hiding. The diverted eyes, the prep that goes into the hiding, the shifty behaviors all stop.

You can ask for help from the people that love you the most. Assign someone to be your trich buddy to keep an eye on where your hands are. It can even help bring awareness to the times you tend to pull when previously you wouldn’t have even realized it.

You find out how understanding and accepting human beings are. This is an amazingly surprising discovery. (relationship link)


Have you come out about trich? Or, do you want to?

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