What does Depression feel like?


Depression is the most beautiful day,

sun beaming with the most perfect of blue-hued sky,

staring out the window, with shuddering body racking tears,

mourning despite the perceived happiness of the exquisiteness of the day.

That’s what depression feels like.


Depression is emptiness, an emptiness that engulfs your innermost core.


Depression is a panic, looking around,

seeing people closest to you, but being isolated by walls of anguish.


Depression is an adversary.


Depression inhabits the darkest vulnerability,

shadows and a sense of mourning.



depression feels like



Depression and Trichotillomania.

What does depression feel like when you add trichotillomania to the mix?


I have fought both for as long back as I can remember.

I don’t even know what life would be like without them both.

Sometimes one of the two fades,

sometimes they both hail my every conceivable function.


But. I am a willed by the uniqueness in each of my adversaries.

You are different with the caveat I too face,

for all the same reasons we struggle,

it is for those reasons we are amazing.


There is something behind fighting an innermost adversary

that wills a golden light from within, it is special. It is infectious.


With all the fighting, you are truly monumentally conditioned.


Stunningly Different, with an unmatched strength.


I believe in you. Do you believe in you?

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