How to get through difficult situations and difficult emotions, using a memorable acronym.

Who doesn’t love an acronym?!

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Emotional Crisis Skills and Strategy

When it all becomes too much,

it helps to be armed with the skills and strategies to regulate your emotions.



Keep Busy. Think ahead and plan for stressful events

by putting together a list of activities you like to do

can be so helpful in the moment of distress.



Keep your mind off yourself and the situation. Volunteer,

help a friend move or fix their resume, it feels good

to help another.


Could Be Worse

And it always could be worse. Sometimes comparing

your current stressors to worse stressors is very

sobering and enlightening.



Immerse yourself in another emotion than what you feel

when your distressed. If you’re sad, see a funny movie.

See a scary movie. Watch your favorite go-to sitcom.


Pushing Away

Try as hard as you can to push the situation out of your

mind. Imagine the situation is an object, and imagine

yourself putting the “object” in an imaginary box, and put the box in an imaginary closet.



Distract yourself with other thoughts, fill your mind with

counting all the white cars you see, or all the daffodils outside,

concentrate on breathing and count your steady breaths. If you lose count, start over.


What do you do to regulate your emotions during an emotional buildup?

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