This is a question I get so often.

There are so many products out there,

it is really hard to navigate which is the best

for different stages of lashlessness.


Yes, that is a pretend word but I am declaring it a thing.


Not only is the “right” product difficult to find,

but the most cost-effective way to maintain the daily routine,

and making sure you are always stocked and prepared with lashes and glue.


In the past, (the really not that long ago past),

I was buying my lashes at CVS or Rite Aid approximately every other day.

I did this every other day routine for the better part of the last five or so years


…or more…


So, when I never had money, I realized

I was spending $250 and UP on lashes a month!


I needed a better plan.


So, off to my Amazon account, and did some lash research.

I am pretty tuned in to makeup artists on Insta

so I was familiar with the Red Cherry Brand. (Kim K’s Fav Go To).


Amazon had them for about $23 for a 12 pack!

Compared to what I was paying, I was thrilled to be “budgeting”!


Not only are they far better quality than the lashes

that I had been spending ridiculous money for, they are extremely reusable.


But, as Red Cherry increased in popularity they JACKED up their pricing structure.


So back to Amazon I went, and I found that Christina Lashes

(Affiliate link): 12packs Eyelashes – 43 (Same factory & production line as Red Cherry)

are manufactured from the exact same production as Red Cherry!

Even the lash #’s that indicate the different styles

are the same between these two brands of lashes!


And Christina’s lashes maintained an even less expensive price

for a pack of 12, running at about $18-20.


Admittedly, I am still working at getting into a jive

where I reorder when I am running low on inventory,

because it depends on how good I am at keeping track of the lashes I wear,

care for them, and so on.


But, regardless, they are hands down the best lashes I have ever worn.


Christina Lashes offers an array of different styles ranging

from a very natural looking set of falsies to a very glam set,

and everything between.


Sometimes I even make my own with two different styles for funsies!


So get to it Lindsey, what’s your go-to favorite?


I can’t get enough of Christina Lash 43.

(Affiliate Link): 12packs Eyelashes – 43 (Same factory & production line as Red Cherry)

That style, paired with my favorite and the best lash glue ever,

Revlon Precision Lash Glue,

(Affiliate Link): Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive 0.17 fl oz


Are my favorite products to continuously pull off a flawless lash.


I talk more about the Revlon Precision Lash Glue in my previous How To Apply Lashes with Trichotillomania Tutorial… check that out, and please comment your thoughts!

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