Although there are multiple videos on trichotillomania, there are only few makeup for trichotillomania video tutorials.

The more awareness and acceptance of trichotillomania, the more we feel comfortable putting ourselves out there.

But, we are in this together. I wanted to share my favorite 3 of the Best Makeup Tutorials for Hiding Trichotillomania of the eyebrow and eyelashes.



1. Makeup transformation for people with no eyelashes!


KTclarkemullen, a member of the trichotillomania tribe, braves the bare, and shows her makeup transformation

from beginning to end. I love the way she begins with a bare face, and shows her daily makeup routine,

because it gives perspective to the order of makeup application for people without brows or lashes.

It’s especially interesting to see if other trich suffers apply eye foundation, then eyes and finally lashes, or another order of sequence.


2. Eye Makeup for No Eyelashes (Trichotillomania) | G Beauty



G_beauty_blog is a fantastic beauty blogger that also happens to have trichotillomania.

Her tutorial walks through her eye makeup routine giving insight on how she covers and

hides bald spots from pulling her lashes. For trichotillomania of the lashes, this is a must watch.


3. Trichotillomania Makeup Tutorial (Eyebrows and False Lashes)



Alyssa Coppers pulls her lashes and brows, and she is a beautiful soul. She enforces positivism.

Alyssa gives a detailed eyelash and eyebrow tutorial, touching on the important structure of the eyebrow and how

she makes her eyebrow structure look more natural. Disclaim: She drops F bombs, which I enjoy, but you may not.

You’ve been warned. She does a beautiful job creating a brow. Beautiful and natural.


BONUS: I would be remiss if I didn’t throw a bonus extra trichotillomania makeup tutorial by yours truly!


BONUS Trichotillomania Makeup Tutorial Eyebrow Tutorial for Trichotillomania – Tips for Building the Perfect Eyebrow via PullingTHRU


I want to know what you think! Is there anything about doing makeup for hiding trichotillomania that you can’t quite master? What is it? Comment below <3

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