How can radical acceptance you improve your outlook on living with trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is so much more than just the uncanny need to pull out hair.

Because, subsequent to the act of pulling itself, you experience such

range of emotion when living with trichotillomania.

You can go from feeling the initial urge, to the satisfaction of the pull,

then immediate guilt and shame.

So what is Radical Acceptance?


Radical Acceptance is a concept, or an outlook, heavily practiced in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

heavily practiced in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.


The cycle of trichotillomania and the outpouring of many

different emotions can be so acute and overwhelming,

it’s often unimaginable to be outside of the physical act.



The fact of the matter is, whether you’re in control of your

urges and you just slip up a little bit,

or you are in the middle of a picking binge cycle,

the angrier you feel, the more the cycle seems to perpetuate.


You pulled. You become incredibly depressed and feel immense shame.


But feeling that deep dark hole of depression and sickeningly shameful

will certainly not change the fact that you pulled.

You’re only spending the time and energy wishing that you could change the fact that you pulled. 


So what does this “Radical Acceptance” stuff have to do with anything Lindsey?


Radical Acceptance is a process through which you start to change your outlook.

You acknowledge that you pulled. WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

Granted, Radical Acceptance isn’t meant to be an excuse to rage out and pull without a care…

but giving yourself permission the self-harming thoughts that have come in result to pulling.

But acknowledging that you’re human, you pulled. Radical Acceptance is allowing yourself to move on,

freeing yourself from the emotional bind that comes with the pulling.


Please, let me know what experience you have living with trich and/or coping mechanisms


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