You have a new beau, and you have been talking and seeing each other

for a substantial amount of time, and the topic of having a sleepover is on the table.

Or, maybe for you a sleepover is on the table much before all of the seeing each other.

Whatever, I don’t judge!

Either way, the idea of a sleepover brings much more anxiety for those who suffer

from trichotillomania versus those who do not suffer from trichotillomania.


What if I wake up and my eyebrows rubbed off onto the pillow?

What if we wake up and he seems me with no eyebrows?

How can I make my eyebrows smear proof?


These are not questions that a non-trichotillomania enduring person asks themselves.

But for you and I, we share these concerns.

I wish I had a super elixir that would make these anxieties disappear,

because these milestones should be blissful, not angst driving.

A  new beau?? That should be the fun stuff, not the scary stuff.


Here is how to have a sleepover with trichotillomania

and not worry about not having eyebrows (or having little eyebrows):


For a full eyebrow for trich tutorial, check out How to Build Perfect Eyebrows from Scratch.


Step 1. Use products that work well with your skin type for a better chance at long wearing lasting power.

Yes, it takes some trial and error, I use MAC Luxebrow Eyebrow Pencil and

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Dipbrow Pomade – Dark Brown.



Step 2. Use a choice translucent setting powder.

Because, setting powder does what it says, sets. It really makes a huge difference

keeping makeup where it should be, and dulls out fake-looking heavy-handed pencil strokes. That’s a double win.

I’m loving on It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Micro, Finishing Powder 0.23 oz.

(click for my referral link to Amazon).
By the way, this product really is amazing at minimizing pores.


Step 3. Keep a touch-up product around.

Yes, it’s annoying. But you will have MUCH less anxiety if you have a safety touch up close by,

or when you get up in the middle of the night to check if you still have eyebrows. Yes, I have totally done this before.

On more than one occasion.I usually opt to keep my MAC Veluxe close by because it’s superb in a pinch.


No, it’s not a perfect system, but it is coping with trichotillomania. Having fun should be fun. Get out there and enjoy that slumber party!

And, when you are ready, check out this post on How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania.

Hit me with some feedback in the comments below,


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