Living with trichotillomania has many perils

and dreading certain situations.

Sometimes it feels like it’s unbearable to even admit to ourselves,
never mind those close to us.

And ESPECIALLY a significant other.

You may even avoid getting close to anyone just to entirely

avoid having to explain this “weird trichotillomania thing”.

Being more comfortable with yourself exudes confidence.

There is such a big difference in the way your voice projects

with confidence through inner acceptance.


But ultimate and radical acceptance doesn’t come easy when you have trichotillomania.

We seek out mates to date, and we date to ultimately

find the person you want to spend all your days with. Yada yada.


How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Have Trichotillomania


Consider this:

Love is like a synaptic transmission.

Either a neuron fires, or it doesn’t at all.

Either you are a match, or you’re not a match


Don’t inhibit yourself in any way shape or form

with your significant other, because either they will be like

“OMG that’s so weird, WTF”…and you can slap their face…


They will be like, “Oh okay cool” or “Oh, I do ________ (insert perceived abnormality)”.

And then that will be the end of it.

Confronting the trichotillomania monster

takes so much pressure out of the equation, allowing a more intimate trust.

Either a person is right for you, or they can take a hike.

But don’t ever shame yourself out of being with

someone that will think you’re perfect, regardless of how you think you look naked face.

You are well deserving of someone that will look at you dead in the eye,

when your eyebrow makeup is rubbed off and faded

like there is nothing weird or wrong about it.

Because there isn’t.


Do you have past experiences telling your boyfriend about trich? Or are you in a relationship now, and holding out? Tell me!

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