Trichotillomania Resources

Helpful Products, Websites, and Other Favorites


Trich Websites


Trichstop an online therapy program for Trichotillomania.

The Experience Project a place to share your story as well as read other people’s Trich experiences.

Kylie and Kit Review It giving personal insight on life with Trichotillomania.

Time to Talk Trich, an insightful site that promotes Trich openness.

G Beauty Blog. Gweni is incredibly adorable and has GREAT trich insight.

Pretty and Polished. Sophie brings it. Bae brings it time and time again!


Trich Products

You may have so many questions, or you may have dealt with trichotillomania for years.

First and foremost, everything there is to know about clinical aspects of Trichotillomania

can be found within the “TLC” Network: The Trichotillomania Learning Center.

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