Why Do We Pull?

Why do we pull our eyelashes, or eyebrows, or maybe we pull both? (I do)

If you pull your lashes, eyebrows, or hair, I know you have grappled

with the reason behind why you pull your hair.

I’ve seen and heard trichotillomania categorized as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,

Impulse Control Disorder, and Anxiety. So, why do we pull?


I call bullshit.


II do not have anxiety nor do I have OCD.

In fact, my behaviors and tendencies air on the opposite side of either Anxiety or OCD.

I almost wish that was the easy explanation.

I think it is a case by case basis, so why try to categorize without really having the data?

why pull OCD

Sometimes I wonder if people have been placed in these

categories solely because a healthcare professional said

“oh you pull your hair, you have trichotillomania and that’s

an anxiety or that’s an obsessive compulsive disorder”.

I can see how that would happen. Looking for answers,

a doctor putting a name and a category provides an explanation.

why pull anxiety

Me? Nope. I do not have anxiety.

I do not pull when I am anxious, or mad, or sad,

or any other single emotional trigger.

I am the opposite of obsessive or compulsive,

and to be honest, a little of OCD wouldn’t hurt my cause. I am a disorganized mess.


I want to explain right here and now, I understand how UNscientific this rant is.

My background is actually in Clinical Psychology,

and I get that I am using terms like OCD and Anxiety loosely.


But I am doing just that to make a point. I do not have the BAZINGA answer,

but I in my heart of hearts believe there is still much more to

trichotillomania than the researchers have even grappled with thus far.

But my fear is, because they felt a need to classify this disorder,

people that have suffered with trichotillomania began identifying

themselves with anxiety or OCD.


I will also say, that I do not doubt that there are ACTUAL occurrences of Trich

sufferers that DO also have OCD and Anxiety…but not exclusively.


I call bullshit. I know there is more to it.

I know I cannot be alone thinking this.


I want to hear from you.

I want to hear from all of you! Tell me what you believe.

Trichotillomania, The Why.

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