I’ve bought a gazillion eyeliner products to hide my trichotillomania.

Gel liners, liquid liners, and kohl liners to try to hide my bare lashless eyes

and little to no brow situation.


So, I would bet the house that you have run through

your fair share of products, hoping to find “the-one”

to make your lashlessness less noticeable.


Over the years, I would settle on 1 out of the gazillion

products that at the time I thought were alright,

until something better came along.


So I am very prepared to report back to you with the FAILS.

not a good look for trichotillomania

The Absolute Worst Eyeliner Products for Trichotillomania


Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner.


I remember when this came out, I was SO excited.

It seemed like this would be the perfect product.

I would be able to get a very fine line to give the

illusion of having a lashline without being overly pronounced….neh.

NOT worth the 7 or 8 bucks and feeling discouraged.


Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner.


NOPE. This stays nowhere.

It does the opposite of stay.

It smudges and gets all messy looking.

To be fair, it’s not like I have lashes,

and maybe this product doesn’t do well just on the skin

…but those factors are pretty important to us aren’t they!




Pretty much any of their eyeliners.

I really tried to give ELF multiple chances,

across multiple of their eyeliners.

Maybe good for some people?

But NOPE. NOT trichotillomania.

When ELF eyeliner isn’t smudging

and transferring onto the other lid,

it’s drying and flaking.

And let’s be honest, we sure as heck

do not need any drying or flaking!

It’s hard to find the right eyeliner when you are trying to mask your sparse or bald lash line, but I assure you, these 3 eyeliner products are NOT the right eyeliner to do the trick.

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